Midi To Control Voltage Converter
First Posted July 4, 2014
Last Updated July 5, 2014

    This is the third incarnation of my Midi To CV converter.  The first one was on the SMB board.  The  second one was on the 200-1017 board, but still used the AT90s8515 AVR.  Oh, and I guess another incarnation is the one on the 100-1067 board, which uses an ATmega2561.  So this fourth one uses an ATmega328.  Why an ATmega328?  Well, it is small, comes in a dip, and has also the reputation for being the same chip used in the Arduino, although, this is not an Arduino board.  It may be possible to program the chip in the Arduino Environment, but I have not given it a try, and probably will never give it a try.

This board features 8 analog voltage outs, 4 Gate outs, Midi Clock, Midi Start/Stop and Midi Reset outputs.  There is also a connector with the I2C signals on it so that the board can be expanded or connected to other I2C boards.  And for programming, there is an Atmel six pin ISP connector on the board as well.

As of this initial posting, there is no code to look at.  But never fear, this project is licensed under the creative commons license, and if something isn't here, it is because it does not exist yet.

PDF of Schematic

Orcad 9.2 Schematic files

Update: July 5, 2014

I decided to bite the bullet.  The MAX551 is two dollars cheaper in the MSOP package, but I did not know how well I would be able to solder that, so I chickened out and changed it over to the DIP part.  Here is a picture of how the board stands as of today.

Watch for more later.

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