Logic Module
First Posted June 2, 2002
Updated 12-17-2002

    I have been wanting to do a logic module for quite some time.  When I started to do the Mikado Analog Sequencer project, I decided it was high time to put this on the front burner again.

    What the logic module is is a collection of logic modules that can be used to primarily create state machines.  To do this, there is a collection of JK flip flops (6), a four bit D register, a four bit adder/subtractor, 4 4x4 And-Or gates (this is 4 four input and gates that are all ored together), and 4 3x3 And-Or gates, four exclusive OR gates, and a clock.

    The AND-OR gates have the extra added feature of an inverting selection switch on each input.  This way you can invert a signal at the flip of a switch, rather than having to hunt for an inverter module (which this module does not explicitly have).

    As of this posing, the PC board layout has just been started.  There are about 600 parts on the board.

    New 12-17-2002....I have done the first routing of the board...or rather, an autorouter has.  It took the autorouter 5 minutes to route the board.  You will find the PC board on the last page of the schematic PDF file.