Ringer Dinger

Created June 17, 2014
Updated June 19, 2014

    This "oscillator" is based on information that can be found in the Hal Chamberlian book Applications of Microprocessors in Synthesizers.  Oscillator is in quotes because the reality is this is a state variable filter, and to make it sing, you hit it with a pulse.  The higher the Q, the longer it will ring.  What is different about this filter is the addition of a non linear circuit in the feed back loop.  The non linear element has 3 adjustments that can be made.  First the is x, and then x2 and then x3.  All three of these can be adjusted either positive or negative.  For the x term, this might be problematic as if it is adjusted negative, you will get positive feedback around the loop, which is not going to be good.  However, at this point, I don't really know if this will have any practical application, I have left it in.

By the way, this is an open source project, licensed under the creative commons license.  I will post links to that later.

Here is the PDF of the schematic.

Here are the CAM files.

Here are the CAE files.  Sorry, these are for Orcad 9.2 and Protel 2.7

 As of June 18, 2014, the CAM files have not been verified as being accurate.

And finally, there is a companion board that holds the rest of the jacks and controls for the module.

Here are the CAM files.

Here are the CAE files

Here is the SCHEMATIC in pdf form.