Atari 800 and 6502 assembler
First Posted March 27, 2010
Current Snapshot of code (April  4, 2010)

Link to my ACTION! cross compiler.

March 31, 2010

    The assembler is progressing.  I am currently working of the code for translating the instructions into machine code.  Boy, this is tedious.  An assembler is a lot easier than a compiler, but it is by far much more boring to write.

March 27, 2010
    Ok, so we don't need another assembler for the 6502.  The main reason for this project is that I need an assembler that I can modify to my hearts content for use with the Action! compiler I am trying to write.  As of yesterday, I am pretty much ready to start testing the code that is being generated by the compiler, so I need an assembler.

    I found documentation on line for the Atari execcutable load format, which is very simple, thank goodness, so this is the  format I will  use to produce executables.  This will also work nicely with the simulator I am using which will load Atari load formats.

    The assembler is going to be very simple.  I am not planning on any macros.  However, I amy eventually make it so that it will output linkable modules.  But, that is for much later.

The first vwersion has not been completed yet, but I do have the grammar written and ready to go.
  It is going to be a context free assembler.  Not sure how that is going to work.

Stay tuned for the first posting of the source code.